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Denna programvaruuppdatering är speciellt avsedd för användare av den mobila mediastationen iLX-702D / iLX-702E46 / iLX-702LEON / iLX-702S453 / i902D-DU / i902D-G6 / i902D-G7 / i902D-OC3.

En programvara per enhet. Om du inte är säker på att du behöver denna uppdatering, vänligen kontakta din återförsäljare.

Firmware Update – Release Notes

  • Volume Control: General volume control has been changed from a general volume for all applications to application specific
    • General Audio volume (Radio/ USB/ Bluetooth/ AUX/ HDMI DVD/ CD playback
    • Hands Free Calling
  • Parking Support with Front and Rear Camera: When front and rear camera are connected using KCX-250MC Multi Camera Selector, the image will automatically change from rear to front camera.
  • Search Function and Folder UP/DN: The search button has been moved from main source menu to the function key area of the BT/ USB/ iPod mode.
  • Operation: Swipe operation for source or screen change has been disabled and large touch areas were implemented instead.
  • Setting Audio Mute On/Off while Backing up: The sound can be muted when shifting into reverse gear.
  • Operating a reversing camera with electrical cover: The cover can be controlled by the blue wire (Power Antenna) when rear camera cover is switched on in the setup menu.
  • Aktiverar funktion för att kontrollera Alpine Dashcam DVR-C320S.

Please note:

  • The Update is not required for Alpine units with Firmware versions “6.0000 6.0000 6.0000” or higher.

Requirements and limitations

  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • USB stick with minimum capacity 1 GB

Ladda ner manualen här:

Important information regarding the software

About the software licence of the products

The software installed in these products contains open-source software.

Please find below information with regards to the open source terms and conditions, warranties, and source code:



Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för iLX-702D


Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för iLX-702E46 / iLX-702x + BMW 3-series E46


Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för iLX-702LEON / iLX-702x + Seat Leon (5F)


Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för iLX-702S453 / iLX-702x + Smart (BR453)


Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för i902D-DU


Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för i902D-G6


Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för i902D-G7


Mjukvaruuppdatering ENDAST för i902D-OC3