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Upgrade your Volkswagen Crafter
7-inch-installation-Kit-for-Volkswagen-VW-Crafter Online-Navigation-System-iLX-702D-with-DAB-Radio-Bluetooth-DVD DAB-Plus-Radio-Navi-LX-702D iLX-702D_Apple-CarPlay-Menu iLX-702D_AndroidAuto-Menu Online-Navigation-System-iLX-702D-Apple-CarPlay-Map iLX-702D_iLX-702DM_Chassis

7" installation Kit for VW Crafter from 2017 and newer


This installation kit allows an easy and clean install of the iLX-702DM in a Volkswagen Crafter from model year 2017.

The KIT-7VW-CRA includes a custom-fit frame and installation brackets (no cable harness or interface).

Depending on the vehicle configuration you will additionally require the following interface:

  • for Crafters with radio preparation you need the APF-X300VW
  • for Crafters with original radio you need the APF-X310MIB

The optional interfaces allow usage of the steering wheel remote control buttons and retention of the car menu setup through your Alpine system.

Please Note the iLX-702DM is a modification of the regular iLX-702D. The 1DIN chassis is fit to its upper position on the back, for easy installation into your Crafter.

The 7”  Digital Media Station iLX-702D / iLX-702DM, features digital radio DAB+, HDMI, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

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  • Installation kit for Volkswagen Crafter
  • Includes installation brackets and trim plate

Compatible Cars

Model year
2017 →

Note: additional small installation parts from Volkswagen may be required. Vehicles with original radio and e-call system: the e-call system remains functional, but in some cases an error message may be displayed (vehicles with radio preparation will not encounter this problem).

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